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NYJC Galileo

NYJC Galileo is one of the most prestigious programmes in NYJC. NYJCians with strong academic results and CCA achievements will be invited into the programme in Year One. Once they are admitted into the programme, NYJC Galileo members will have the opportunity to attend a series of activities and workshops that are designed to help develop their personal portfolios as well as impart life skills.

Some of the highlights of the programme include the Personal Grooming Workshop and the Interview Skills Workshop, where students pick up important soft skills such as effective communication skills, problem-solving skills and stress management techniques. To broaden their perspectives, students are offered opportunities to participate in activities and sharings such as the “SgIS Scholarship Talk”, “Youth@SPF Security Seminar” and “Meet-the-People Sessions in South East District”. Year Two students will also have the opportunity to be involved in the Nanyang Junior College - Braddell Heights CCC Community Leadership Programme where they will plan and execute a project that addresses a specific need of the residents of Braddell Heights.  In 2015, the students carried out a project called “Sowing our Forefathers’ Seeds” to educate Singapore youths about and celebrate the contributions of the Pioneer Generation towards Singapore’s nation-building.


Galileo: Darren Ang Soon Peng

University: University of California, Los Angeles

Degree pursuing: Sociology

Scholarship awarded: Overseas Merit Scholarship / SAF Overseas Scholarship

Darren’s reflection on NYJC Galileo

NYJC Galileo, in my opinion, can be summed up in one word: Opportunity.

That was why I signed up for the programme, right after Orientation, despite hearing seniors' accounts of how hectic junior college life was going to get. I wanted to see more, do more, and take away an experience richer than the average junior college student's. Of course, obtaining a scholarship upon graduation was an aim of mine, but I'd decided that, scholarship or not, the opportunities in themselves were already worthwhile experiences.

From talks by overseas universities, SATs and interview workshops, to the National Day Rally, MINDEF Internship Programme and a six-month community leadership programme with Braddell-Heights CCC, SDP provided me with so many different opportunities that I would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Beyond the opportunities provided, the teachers in NYJC Galileo Committee imbued in me the belief that I could compete with the best of them. Indeed, as I look back, I would have been a rather different individual if not for NYJC Galileo. As a parting shot, I just want to say that the opportunities will always be there, and in fact continue to increase, but whether you let them slip past or make the most of them in your two years in Nanyang Junior College – the decision is for you to make.

Galileo: Justin Ng Thian Huat

University: Imperial College London

Degree pursuing: Civil Engineering

Scholarship awarded: Singapore Government Scholarship (Open)


Justin’s reflection on NYJC Galileo

Kurt Hahn, the founder of Outward Bound School, once said: “There is more in us than we know if we could be made to see it; perhaps, for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.” Many Outward Bound schools use that quote to describe how their programmes change people’s lives for the better. Well, I could safely say the same for my experience in NYJC Galileo.

Being in NYJC Galileo has certainly exposed me to many things. The myriad of programmes, ranging from SAT Training to Personal Grooming workshops, had taught me many things which mere academic study could not. I have matured and become an analytical individual due to the talks that NYJC Galileo sends its students for. One example is the Temasek Dialogue held annually which discusses many issues such as the growth, sustainability and development of Singapore’s defence.

Moreover, one of the plus points about NYJC Galileo is its dedicated and effective team of teachers. The teachers in NYJC Galileo Committee will always go the extra mile to help their students. I was one of those who benefitted from their constant coaching.I remember that I was an individual who was really nervous and fidgety whenever it came to public speaking or interview sessions. The teachers would arrange mock interview sessions to better prepare me for interviews. The numerous coaching sessions have paid off as I have become a more confident individual who no longer stammers during interviews.

Lastly, my word of advice for those who are interested in being part of or who wish to find out more about NYJC Galileo: The two years in Junior College are crucial to your development. Joining NYJC Galileo is opening up a window of opportunity for you to become a more informed and mature individual. I made that step to join NYJC Galileo three years ago when I first stepped into Nanyang Junior College and to date, I have not regretted my choice as it developed me holistically. Even in National Service, I find the skills I learnt useful and applicable. In view of this, I hope that you will be able to benefit from joining NYJC Galileo, just like I did.