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Dance Immersion Trip to Taiwan


Nanyang Dance Society participated in a Dance Immersion Trip to Taiwan during the December holidays. This is line with our society’s effort to elevate our dance skills and for dancers to gain exposure to the training regime in other countries. The 5 days spent there was an eye-opening experience for all the dancers in our school. We visited 2 schools, Taipei Municipal Fuxing Senior High School and Taipei Municipal Zhong-zheng Senior High School— both of which are known for their award-winning dance clubs. The experience was mutually beneficial for both the Taiwanese dancers and ourselves as the dancers not only learnt dance techniques from each other but forged friendships too.

In addition to training, the dancers had their fair share of fun in Taiwan. We visited the famous Yangmingshan National Park and were captivated by the breathtaking views. By nightfall came the opportunity to roam three night markets, which Taiwan is well known for. The dancers experienced Taiwanese culture first hand with the help of our dedicated tour guide who patiently explained bits and pieces of Taiwan’s history.

This amazing dance exchange trip was certainly an insightful one that the dancers will never forget!

The journey to Taiwan was breathtaking and immensely beneficial to me as I learnt many various techniques which I would have never been exposed to in Singapore. Having such opportunities to learn outside of Singapore is very rare and I’m grateful to the school for allowing our Dance Society to travel overseas and improve ourselves. Yeo Yu Jie, 1719

The trip to Taiwan was eye-opening and very enriching for me. To be able to collaborate with two other schools in Taiwan and by having the chance to participate in their dance practice, I was able to be inspired by the dancers there and it motivated me to become a better dancer. It also exposed me to different teaching styles by the dance teachers in Taiwan and increased my awareness on the effective practice methods used by their schools. Through this trip, I got to experience the different culture Taiwan and also bond with my dance mates and forge stronger bonds with them. Lim Jie Yi, Karen, 1705