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Interact Club Camp 2017


On the 4
th and 5th of March 2017, Interact Club held its annual 2 days and 1 night camp during which members bonded with one another. As it was the J1s’ very first Interact camp, it was a memorable experience for them.  They were exposed to the respective core projects as well as food ration distribution.

To give the new J1 Interactors an idea of how Interact Club is like, they experienced first-hand rationing food at Braddell Heights. Despite the light drizzle, their moods were not dampened as they proceeded to pack basic necessities into designated bags that were to be distributed to numerous households in the area. With their concerted efforts, the packing was completed in no time and the Interactors were soon out and about in full force, bringing the bags of love straight to the doorstep of the beneficiaries.

One of the main highlights of the camp was ‘Dining in the Dark’, during which the J1s were blindfolded and had to complete an obstacle course before dinner. The camp facilitators, who guided the J1s, also distracted them by making noises and putting objects in their hands, as the J1s proceeded to their respective classrooms to consume dinner in complete darkness.  The latter group was definitely perplexed at the beginning but they behaved sportingly during the activity and managed to complete it successfully. 

This activity provided the J1s with an extremely rare opportunity to acquire greater understanding on the daily struggles of the marginalised in our community, enabling them to gain valuable lessons and new-found insights. Being on the receiving end of this exposure established a deeper sense of appreciation of the beneficiaries and also provided a platform for the J1s to better empathise with them. 

Through these fun-filled days of activities, everyone had the opportunity to gain the essential skills needed in carrying out service-learning and had a greater idea of their roles in Interact Club: to take initiative, have empathy and serve the community whole-heartedly. It has truly been an inspiring and fruitful experience for all J1 Interactors.

Written by JC1 Interactors

Chia Ling Xuan Jasmine
Ong Shi Hui
Tay Shin Ping, Erin
Yong Jie Wen