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Interact Club Camp 2018


Nanyang Junior College’s Interact Club held its annual camp from the 3rd to the 4th of March this year, which saw the introduction of a new batch of Interactors to the Club. During the camp which was themed ‘Constellations’, J1 Interactors bonded with one another and were introduced to the projects that they had to choose from to engage the beneficiaries. The camp also served as a way for students to learn the many values that would be necessary as an Interactor. 

There were many highlights during the camp. One such activity that greatly impacted us was the food rationing exercise that was held at Braddell Heights. For many of the J1 Interactors, food rationing was a new experience. Interactors were tasked to pack and distribute bags full of basic necessities as well as to conduct a short survey with residents. Despite the sweltering hot sun, we were unfazed by the heat and continued with our tasks.  We eventually left the estate and returned to college with our hearts full of pride and joy, knowing that we had done something to help those in need.

Each activity of the camp had lessons and values to teach every J1 Interactor. Some examples of these lessons were the importance of communication, being observant, how to improvise and adapt to changes quickly. The most important lesson was taught in the two most memorable activities of the camp - “Dining in the Dark” and “Blind Man’s Obstacle Course”. These activities put the J1s in the shoes of a blind person and allowed them to personally experience the difficulties faced by the visually handicapped. The value highlighted in this activity was empathy. Empathy is the value that enables Interactors to have a better understanding and appreciation of what they have, and this would allow them to better understand and therefore support the beneficiaries whom they work with to the best of their abilities.

All in all, the 2D1N Interact Camp was a memorable and enriching experience for the J1 Interactors. This camp taught the J1 Interactors the essentials that they had to have in order to serve their beneficiaries with humility and empathy.

Written by JC1 Interactors
Fathima Raiza Rifky
Teo Hao Zhi
Tracy Chong Wei Na