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JC Experience 2018


Students often pondered the next path after the completion of their O-levels but for 240 recent graduates, the answer to that probably became clearer, thanks to an opportunity to experience what it is like to be a junior college student. 


These graduates participated in a one-day event hosted by Nanyang Junior College, called NYJC JC Experience, during which they had the opportunity to  better understand the differences between choosing to further their education in a junior college and a polytechnic. In addition, participants also walked away with more knowledge of various subjects offered at the A-level, thanks to the college’s tutors who addressed their queries at subject booths that were set up, as well as during a question-and-answer session subsequently. 


Participants were also exposed to life beyond the academic rigour in a junior college. Some of them took part in game electives such as archery and speed tag, while others, under the guidance of students of the college, went on to learn how to play the diabolo, engage in calligraphy or even sway the same way K-pop stars do.  


Student facilitators from the college also brought these participants around for a college Amazing Race and this gave them a better idea of what NYJC has to offer. 


The day ended on a high note, with participants who displayed outstanding enthusiasm and ability during the games and game electives being awarded prizes. 


We look forward to having even more Secondary 4 graduates join us for next year’s JC Experience.