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Leadership Training Camp


This year’s Leadership Training Camp (LTC) was held at the MOE Changi Coast Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre from 11 to 14 August 2017.  The camp focused on three important objectives – C.S.I. where the participants were developed as leaders who can communicate confidently, strategise well and assert a positive influence on others.  

Student leaders came from various Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), the Student Council, the Class Leaders’ Executive Committee (CLEXCO) and Student Initiated Groups (SIGs). We adopted One Piece, the popular Japanese manga series as our theme for this year’s camp.  The student leaders were known as captains-in-training during the camp. Together with the First Mates (alumni members of Nanyang Junior College) and Shichibukais (teachers of NYJC), the camp was a memorable experience for all. Just as the One Piece crew members embarked on swashbuckling adventures and exciting quests, our student leaders also participated enthusiastically in activities such as station games, outdoor cooking, high elements, land expedition as well as rafting and sea expeditions. They also spent time planning and preparing a great campfire performance for everyone.


Here are some post-camp reflections from our participants:


“The main thing I learned is that learning to lead never stops. I used to think that having been through a lot of leadership training camps, this would just be the same old thing, but I actually realised that I have many areas to improve on. I learned from my teammates how to speak up and confidently voice out my ideas. I also learned that we should always look out for the welfare and safety of others.”

“I have learnt that being a leader doesn't always mean making people listen to you. It's about showing empathy, kindness and concern to your teammates and listening to them. Leaders also must strategise well and allocate duties effectively, based on individual strength. Compromise is also important in promoting team spirit and ensuring cohesiveness”

“‘Team work makes the dream work’ is a phrase I'd heard about a thousand times throughout my past 4 days at LTC and I was so fed up with it by the third time I heard it. ‘It's so cheesy,’ I'd think before rolling my eyes. But it is that phrase, truly, that sums up my experience at LTC. Before the camp, I thought that I could accomplish all the things I want to accomplish for my SIG by myself through sheer willpower and hard work. But being part of a team, FEELING part of a team during the camp made me realise how wrong I was. When we first met each other, there were very apparent differences between each member of my LTC group. The way we grew up, the households we lived in, the experiences we'd gone through all contributed to how we were shaped, and thus how we responded to challenges. Through LTC, we learnt to USE our differences to help us achieve our goals. And that was the most valuable lesson of all. Indeed, team work makes the dream work.”

Ms Sanah Akhtar

Sub Camp Commandant