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Table Tennis National Schools 'A' Division


This year proved to be another fruitful year for the NYJC Table Tennis Team, with both the boys and girls teams clinching the 3rd position in the National Schools’ ‘A’ Division Table Tennis Competition. 

The girls’ team in particular has greater reason to celebrate as they have successfully wrestled the 3rd position from their rival to whom they lost in the 2016 competition and were placed 4th. It was indeed a sweet victory.  

We would like to register our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Mr. Low our Principal, Ms. Moh, Mr. Ang and Mr. Ning our Vice-Principals, Mrs. Koh (HOD/PE/CCA) and Mr. Joel Loo (Sports Secretary) who took time to come down to the competition venue to support and offer words to encouragement to the players despite their busy schedules.  We would also like to thank our supporters who came on their own accord to cheer us on during the semi-finals of the competition. Finally, we like to thank our coach Mr. Qin Zhifeng for his tireless effort in preparing the team for the competition. Certainly the team would not have achieved the results without the concerted effort of everyone.

The Table Tennis Team will continue to work hard in order to bring greater glory to Nanyang next year.

Leong Chong Ming