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Parents Link


Like all parents, we at NYJC care for our students and we want them to succeed. A positive partnership between the college and parents will contribute tremendously to ensuring their success. With strong home learning environment and positive communication between the teachers and parents, the students would be better supported through this very intense and demanding period of pre-university education.

We understand that parents are busy with many things that would take away their time and energy and hence we strive to provide parents with information and resources that they would need in order to support their child’s academically and emotionally. As such, we are currently looking into improving our communication channel with parents. Besides getting information about college programmes and activities via the college website, parents can opt for a termly update via email. 

In order to enhance our communication with parents, we have also recently developed an official Nanyang JC mobile app on both the iOS7 and Android platform. 

We would also like to encourage more parents to be involved in college programmes and decisions that would affect their child’s education and development. Some areas of involvement include sitting in the Parent Advisory Committee, supporting our career guidance effort by sharing work experiences, and volunteering to run enrichment workshops and talks to support our Character and Leadership Development Programme.

The college and students can definitely benefit from the development of positive partnerships with parents and we look forward to working with you.