3R 2020

3R was held in NYJC on 30 October 2020. Our morning was, as expected, a professionally rewarding one for the staff as all of us got to attend our choice of HBL sharing sessions conducted by our very own teachers. We also had Mr Low sharing with us the direction that MOE and NYJC are taking. This provided us the compass to steer our college wide discussion on how we could align our respective department goals, programme and plans with the school’s strategic thrust. We reviewed the effectiveness of the college’s various programmes and focus was on enhancing current practices as well as to explore new possibilities to complement current success and break new grounds.

We had our usual presentation of certificates and awards to acknowledge the contributions of both teaching and non-teaching staff and to congratulate staff who have made exceptional contributions to the teaching fraternity and are winners and winning teams of various college and MOE prestigious awards.

As part of our whole staff bonding session, we had a workshop conducted by Scent by Six. The activity, organised by NYJC Staff Development Committee, is one of our team bonding activities to provide time and space for members of staff from different departments as well as non-teaching staff to come together. The committee constantly thinks of opportunities for all staff to experience something different and slightly outside of our comfort zones to encourage staff to come together and connect and interact in meaningful ways.

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