EDspiration 2021

The ECG Committee held the college’s first virtual EDspiration through Zoom meetings on 16 February 2021. The theme was 'The Future of Jobs in Times of Crisis and Opportunity'. Students now have a better understanding of the new jobs and technological tools that have been created to handle the Covid-19 situation and the 4th industrial revolution. Our students have also shared their thoughts on EDspiration 2021 below.

Celine 2028:

After attending EDspiration 2021, I have gained many invaluable insights from the talks. The NTU Aptitude-Based Admissions (ABA) talk has taught me what to include in the ABA application form such as my strengths and examples of how I have overcome challenges. As I have not spent much time reflecting on my life, I will now start to think and to find out more about myself so that I can better answer questions during any interview.

Additionally, the NUS computing talk ‘Your Gateway to the Digital World’ has exposed me to the various computing courses available and I found myself gaining an interest in them. Despite having no experience in computing, I plan to take up online courses to deepen my knowledge in this area and also to find out if these courses are for me.

Furthermore, after listening to the various higher education and career talks, I have also learnt more about the programmes available in the different universities such as the overseas experiences, internships and CCAs, which I found rather interesting and fun. All in all, EDspiration has given me the opportunity to ‘Explore and Discover’ my aspiration and I am really thankful for that!

Nikhita 2024:

I greatly enjoyed the sharing on the holistic approach that Yale-NUS implements in the admission process. Additionally, I also found out that going into academia can be fun if you really enjoy what you are researching on.

One of the lessons that I learnt from the talks is that one should not be complacent and continue to put in hard work to pick up new skills in our knowledge-based economy. Furthermore, in order for me to make a wise career choice after JC, more is to be done on my part in researching and getting to know about the courses available in different universities. Having attended EDspiration, I am now motivated to study harder for my examinations.

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