The MOE Edusave Character Award (ECHA) recognises and affirms students who demonstrate exemplary character and outstanding personal qualities through their behaviour and actions. The award also supports the College’s continuing efforts in nurturing students of good values and character, who contribute actively to make a positive difference to others.

Eligibility Criteria

Nominees for the ECHA should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Must be Singaporeans;
  • Must demonstrate on a consistent basis, exemplary character, integrity and altruism that would serve as a role model to others;
  • In particular, demonstrate the following types of qualities:
    i. College values
    Drive & Inventiveness - being resolute, motivated and passionate in doing things well; being innovative and resourceful in making positive changesResponsibility - taking ownership for the betterment of self, College and community
    Integrity - being honest, upright and courageous in doing what is rightEmpathy - being compassionate and sensitive to others, and helping others to the best of one's abilityand/or

    ii. High level of civic responsibility - are concerned about issues in the community or issues faced by others, initiate action to address these issues to improve the lives of others, and being committed to make a positive differenceand/or

    iii. Resilience - have persevered despite facing difficult circumstances (e.g. financial problems, family issues and health issues) and managed to overcome the odds and still do commendably well in various domains

Nomination Period

a) Nomination is open to students, staff and parents from 5 August 2022 to 17 August 2022.

b) Students are briefed on the nomination process during the morning assembly in Term 3 Week 6.

c) Parents may nominate here.

d) Students may nominate here.

Nomination Workflow

Please direct any queries to Ms Tan Meng Lee (

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