Economics Department

Economics is divided into two main branches:

Microeconomics studies the decisions of individual elements such as households, firms, buyers and sellers in the economy, 

Macroeconomics studies issues such as unemployment and inflation, affecting the entire economy.

Students with Economics background stand themselves in good stead as possible career opportunities include business analysts, economists in various companies and government agencies, as well as policy makers for national and international issues, for example, Central Provident Fund (CPF) Life, manpower policies, et cetera

Economics Department Members

Mr Derek Lee Soon Woon
Derek Lee Soon Woon
HOD (Economics)
Mr Haniss B Ali
Haniss B Ali
Lead Teacher (Econs)
Ms Nurain Binte Mohd Saad
Nurain Binte Mohd Saad
Senior Teacher (Econs)
Mr Nandwani P B
Nandwani Prem Bhagwandas
Level Head (Econs)
Ms Valerie Chua
Chua Bee-Lian Valerie
Level Head (Econs)
Ms Ng Mui Hui
Ng Mui Hui
Subject Head (Civic Literacy and Citizenship)
Mrs Daphne Ang
Daphne Lim Bao Huan
Mr Jerry Toh
Jerry Toh Choon Hiong
Mr Richard Bong

Richard Anthony Bong

Mrs Roy Sriparna
 Sriparna Roy
Ms Tan Chinn Yun
Tan Chinn Yun
Tan Yeong Sheng
Ms Chang Tyng Tyng_
Tay Chang Tyng Tyng
Ms Toh Su Min
 Toh Su Min
Yan Wai Ching
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