Humanities Department

Nanyang JC offers the Art Elective Programme (AEP). Our art programme places equal emphasis on the practical and theoretical aspects of art making, encouraging students to explore their thoughts, feelings and ideas through a variety of art practices and processes.

In JC1, the AEP students will go through a series of modules, exposing them to different types of art making, for example, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, design, and video.  In JC2, the AEP students will embark on their ‘A’ Level coursework for 9 months, choosing their own area of specialisation. During this time, students will be guided personally by their tutors.

The students in the programme can also look forward to exciting combined-schools art workshops, artists’ talks, competitions and learning journeys. They will also have the chance to go on an overseas art immersion trip to broaden their exposure and deepen their engagement with art.

All students interested to study Art are required to sit for a Drawing & Painting Test and a Written Test administered by the AEP teachers to assess their aptitude for the course. Students are also required to attend an interview and present their portfolio. Upon successful admission to the course, students will be automatically placed in the Art Elective Programme.

Note: It is compulsory for all AEP students to read H3 Art in JC2.

Besides Art, the department also offers the following subjects:

In NYJC, all Literature students would be studying

    1. Unseen Poetry
    2. Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare
    3. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

H2 Literature students will take the following for Paper 3

    1. Practical Criticism of an unseen extract (Drama, Prose or Poetry)
    2. Selected poems by Elizabeth Jennings
    3. Selected poems from Ariel by Sylvia Plath
    4. Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Humanities Department Members

Mr Jonathan Ng

Ng Wee Ngee Jonathan
HOD (Humanities)     

Mr Wayne Conrad Sequeira

Sequeira Wayne Conrad
HOD (Character & Leadership Development)

Mr Lee Liang Lin

Lee Liang Lin
Subject Head
(English Literature)

Ms Maggie Cai

Cai Xiuting Maggie
Subject Head (Service Learning)

Mr Chng Yongxi

Chng Yongxi
Subject Head (Talent Development)

Ms Sim Kim Hong

Sim Kim Hong
Subject Head (Art (Acting))

Dr Saradetch Melissa-Mae

Dr Melissa-Mae Saradetch
Senior Teacher
(English Literature)

Mr Chan Cheng Lin

Chan Cheng Lin


Lin Lunjie Terence

Ms Michelle Chow

Michelle Chow

Mr Chan Guang Hui

Chan Guang Hui

Ms Sanah Akhtar

Sanah Akhtar
English Literature

Ms Loo Hui Min
Loo Hui Min
Ms Wendy Lee

Wendy Lee

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