Character and Leadership Department

The programmes that the department has put in place are in line with the college’s vision of nurturing the leadership potential in every NYJCian. We also strongly believe in service leadership, encouraging NYJCians to serve the wider community beyond the college.

Leadership training takes place at 3 levels : the general student population, the class committee, the CCA leaders and student councillors.

3 departments, namely the Student Leadership Department, CCA Department and the Student Well-being Department look into the integrated leadership development programme in Nanyang.

MSLO Framework
The framework that we are adopting is the Managing Self & Leading Others framework. Essentially in J1, students will understand and learn more about themselves and how they relate to each other. In J2, students will be given opportunities to lead others either in CCA or class projects.

The Approach
The approach is 2-fold :

  • Providing skills training and
  • Providing opportunities to lead.

Skills training is conducted through the formal curriculum courses, workshops and civics programmes where basic leadership skills are taught and the informal curriculum where students can learn from many varied activities such as camps as well as sharing by successful entrepreneurs and civil servants.

Many opportunities are provided for students to lead. Class leaders are given opportunities to act as facilitators in leadership camps organized by college or secondary schools in the cluster. We also encourage students to initiate projects to improve the college community.

We believe in fostering the spirit of caring for the community beyond the college as well. We do our part for the community by being actively involved in fund raising activities of organizations in need as well as our partners – Tong Chai Medical Institution and Lions Befrienders.

Each year, we also sent student volunteers on overseas community service projects to instill in students a sense of civic responsibility through helping needy communities abroad.

“The very best leaders spend time examining what they have done and are planning to do.” To complete the cycle of learning, we encourage students to consciously reflect on the various experiences gathered from workshops, projects and community involvement. Students are encouraged to keep a portfolio to record these experiences and to meet regularly with tutors who will monitor their development.

Character and Leadership Development Department Members

Mr Wayne Conrad Sequeira

Sequeira Wayne Conrad
HOD (Character & Leadership Development)

Ms Maggie Cai

Cai Xiuting Maggie
Subject Head (Service Learning)

Mr Chng Yongxi
Chng Yongxi
Subject Head (Talent Development)
Ms Ng Mui Hui
Ng Mui Hui
Subject Head (Civic Literacy and Citizenship)
Ms Theresia Line Ishak
Theresia Line Ishak
Subject Head (Student Leadership Development)
Ms Belinda Loh
Loh Mei Lin
Level Head (GP)
Ms Nurain Binte Mohd Saad
Nurain Binte Mohd Saad
Senior Teacher (Econs)
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