Acoustic Movement

The Nanyang Acoustic Movement is a Student Interest Group (SIG), which caters to all students who wish to familiarise themselves with the guitar. Taking lessons which include both theory and fun components, the guitarists can acquaint themselves with songs ranging from international ensemble pieces to widely-acclaimed popular hits. The Nanyang Acoustic Movement aims to promote and instil a deep passion for the guitar, and to spread their love of guitar-playing to their peers in college and beyond.

There are also many performing opportunities for the aspiring guitarists.  They perform at the SIG Lunchtime concerts, Teachers’ Day celebration and also at Community Involvement Programme (CIP) events. The Nanyang Acoustic Movement is definitely the SIG to join if you wish to hone your skills as a performer and a guitarist.

“From the beginning, I knew intuitively that if nothing else, music was safe, and that nobody could tell me anything about it. Music didn’t need a middleman, whereas all the other things in school needed some kind of explanation.” – Eric Clapton
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