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Tchoukball is a sport which emphasises teamwork. 

How is Tchoukball played? 
Two teams of 7 players each (men or women) compete to score points and the team with the most points at the end wins the game. When a team gains a point, control of the ball is transferred to the other team.  In Tchoukball either team can score at either end of the court.  If a shot is caught by the defending team, the defending team can proceed to Attack immediately.

  • A point is scored when the ball rebounds after hitting either of the 2 frames and touches the ground outside the forbidden zone, or any part of the defending player's body below the knees, or touches the defending player while he is still in the forbidden zone.  
  • A point is given to the non-attacking team when the attacking team shoots and misses the frame, or the ball rebounds outside the playing area (either out of the court or in the forbidden zone).

In NYJC, our tchoukballers live by the motto 'One Team All In' - placing the team’s interest before their own; recognising the importance of having each other’s back, both on and off the court. The NYJC Tchoukball Team trains twice a week - Monday and Wednesday, from 4.30pm - 7pm and 3.30pm - 6pm respectively.  The team is coached by Coach Wilson Goh, an experienced national player.  Despite the rigour involved, the team looks forward to every training session, working together with their teammates and coach to achieve a common goal of attaining victory at the 'A' Division Tchoukball Championships.