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Have you ever wondered what it felt like to be performing your favourite Korean idols’ songs on stage? You should think about stepping up and joining Korzy! Be it the passion to dance like your favourite member in Super Junior, the ambition to have an entire hall of audience listening as you belt out the high notes that Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon is capable of, or simply to make new friends with the same interests as yourself, hesitate no longer! All in Korzy will welcome you with open arms!

Korzy was formed in NYJC by a group of close-knitted friends who shared the same passion a few years ago. They had performed in campus-based concerts (e.g. Teachers’ Day performances), collaborated with other SIGs (e.g. SIG Bazaars and Lunchtime Concerts) during the annual Open House events and also participated in external events.

Korzy performers often learn dance routines from the Internet and adapt them for their own dance practices. They would also teach one another the dance routines. This creates great opportunities for the students to assume a teaching role. Korzy SIG usually meets up once or twice weekly, either for the usual dance practice or informal discussions on all things Korean.