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NY Foosball

Looking for something new and exhilarating to do? Join Nanyang Foosball (NY Foosball), a student interest group unique to NYJC! NY Foosball is formed by a group of students who have developed an interest in the game of foosball.  

Have you ever marvelled at how players are able to handle the ball nimbly, weaving it through the opponent’s defences and ultimately scoring a goal? Well, join NY Foosball where you too can master the skills of foosball and impress those around you with your new hobby.  

Our objective here at NY Foosball is to spread the word around about the pleasures surrounding the game of foosball and to help students acquire the skills necessary to play a game of foosball under competition rules. In addition, we also wish to provide our fellow students with a platform to unwind and relax, while at the same time make new friends and pick up a thing or two from foosball, which is a relatively new sport. Friendly matches are conducted among members so that everyone can benefit by learning from one another’s strengths and weaknesses.  

Match timings are flexible so feel free to drop by for a quick session with us. Fuel your passion for foosball!