Service-Learning @ Nanyang Junior College: Student-initiated CCE Projects

At Nanyang Junior College, our students are strongly encouraged to initiate class-based and CCA-based CCE projects with an emphasis on Service-Learning (S-L) which will benefit the wider community. Students who are interested to initiate and lead a CCE project can volunteer to be an S-L Advocate, which is an official appointment under the college’s leadership portfolio for the Class Executive Committee. Appointed S-L Advocates will undergo a training programme where they will be trained in S-L methodology, project management and facilitation skills.

Through the five part journey of investigation, planning, actual implementation, reflection and demonstration, the S-L programme in NYJC works towards achieving both Service and Learning objectives while engaging the community. Participants will analyse their needs analysis of real issues facing the community and use what they have learnt in the classroom to solve real-life problems. For example, if students collect trash along the beach, analyse their findings to determine the possible sources of pollution and share the results with residents (public) or an authority (National Environment Agency), they are engaged in the process of S-L where they can apply their knowledge from General Paper (global issues), Project Work, Science, Mathematics, Economics and other academic subjects to real-world issues. 

By combining volunteerism and structured experiential learning, service to the community transforms you as an individual and in turn, this change enriches the service you render to the community. 

Objectives of Service-Learning

Before embarking on a CCE project, there are two types of objectives that students need to determine:

Service Objectives
To meet community needs through the involvement of students, staff and community partners in meaningful service

Learning Objectives
To cultivate our five college values: Drive, Responsibility Integrity, Inventiveness and Empathy through programme design, service to the community, facilitation and reflection

NYJC CCE Project Standard Operating Procedure 2021 - 2022
For Students

NYJC CCE Project Student SOP 2022 - 2023
Project Beneficiaries
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