Working for the Welfare of the Animals

Possible Areas of Collaboration 
• Campaign against animal cruelty
• Animal welfare education
• Sale of SPCA merchandise
• Pet food drive
• Wild Run

Past Projects Ideas 
The inaugural Wild Run is the fundraising component of a Student Initiated Project which aims to benefit the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Singapore. Headed by the AEP club, students from 1410 and 1430 helped to raise funds for the SPCA to support their efforts in providing shelter and care for stray animals in Singapore. The atmosphere was lively with participants dressing up in various animal costumes. Some of our furry friends from the SPCA were present in NYJC to grace the event too! A total of $2451.30 was raised from this event.

Student Reflections
Lee Jia Zhen shared her reflections about running this project, “I really enjoyed Wild Run 2014! Although the preparation was rather tedious, it gave me an opportunity to work with new people. Planning this event with my AEP mates enabled us to forge stronger bonds as well as to learn how to better work and communicate with others. Each of us was given the opportunity to lead groups of people be it in the logistics or publicity area. Through this, we gained confidence and the courage to lead. Our President and Vice-President really put in a lot of effort in planning this event. They contacted potential sponsors, wrote reports, sought approval and planned the logistics. Without them and the support from our art teachers, this event would not have been successful. We were really lost and uncertain at the start but all the support given by the school and our peers led to the success of Wild Run 2014. It really warmed our hearts!”
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