Gym Club

The Gym Club was established in 2013. The Club looks into introducing innovative and fresh approaches to gym management and the promotion of fitness.

The club members train together to improve their fitness and would also share ideas, tips, and strategies on fitness and nutrition. There are also opportunities for the members to attend courses on optimising their training regimen, improving diets, and preventing injuries.

Members of the club are scheduled to take on the role of gym manager for several hours each school day. Members will receive training on safety and managerial strategies.  As the gym managers, the members ensure that the safety of the gym users and would also offer help and advice on how their college mates can improve their fitness regimes. The club commits to educating their college mates on fitness and nutrition, as well as providing bite-size health and safety tips on using the gym through various school media.  They also conduct workouts for the student population so as to promote healthy living in NYJC.

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