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Band Trip to Malaysia


The Symphonic Band participated in the Musical and Cultural Exchange in Malaysia from 3 – 7 December 2015, as part of the Band’s ongoing effort to boost its members’ confidence and abilities as musicians. We were privileged to be given the opportunity to perform at a combined schools concert and also exchange with two local schools, Pay Fong Middle School and Hin Hua High School. The invaluable interactions during the exchanges allowed NYJC band members to develop a greater sense of global awareness, as they shared experiences of school and band life with the Malaysian band students. Their excellent musicality was also an inspiration for NYJC band members to strive for higher standards of musical performance and unity.

Besides the enriching music programme, the band got to experience first-hand the rich culture that Malaysia has to offer. We visited several places of heritage, such as the Baba Nyonya Museum where we learnt about the culture and lifestyle of Straits-born Chinese back in the 1860s and also UNESCO World heritage sites like Christchurch, A’Famosa and many more. We had much fun enjoying the sights and listening to the stories shared by our tour guides. Through this 5-day exchange, the band family became more close-knit. It was indeed a fun and rewarding trip for all of us.

“I think one of the most memorable parts of the trip was the musical exchange with Pay Fong High School. The students there were very cheerful and their music practices were different from Singapore’s. We spent quite a lot of time together, thus we were able to interact with each other personally other than musically. Through the sharing of personal experiences, we were able to connect easily and more comfortably as it made us closer than simply people who played the same instruments.”

Tang Wen Yi, 1517

“Hin Hua’s school band was on point in standards and the delivery of their standards. Their band members were very hospitable in their hosting of the various bands present and I had a fun and enriching experience. Their percussionists were very down-to-earth and I was glad that NY percussionists were all able to sing the tune they sang.”

Cheong Kwang Aik Eldrick, 1521