Outdoor Activities Club

The motto of ODAC is “Challenge the limits”. This motto, in essence, is the indomitable spirit of the NYJC Outdoor Activities Club.

The NYJC ODAC, like its name suggests, had done a wide array of outdoor activities, such as camping, outdoor cooking, tent pitching, waterfall abseiling, white water rafting, night cycling and hiking.  ODAC provides its members the chance to be intrepid adventurers, preparing them to tackle the next feat.

The members push themselves to reach greater heights. They motivate each other and ensure that every member is able to achieve the same goal, be it swimming, running or scaling the wall. 

The resilience and perseverance developed in ODAC is applicable and relevant to studies and all aspects of life. The satisfaction of scaling one mountain’s peak is not unlike reaping what one sows in a test or examination. Just as the members learn to endure whatever comes their way physically, they apply the same endurance and attitude to how they cope with the intensity of the ‘A’ level course and challenges in their daily lives.

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