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Physical Education & CCA Department

The college provides students with a balance of work and play (through exercise) while preparing them for the GCE ‘A’ Level Examination.

Physical Education Programme
PE is compulsory for all students. Students have to attend 4 PE periods of 30 minutes each per week. Lessons are devoted to the teaching of psychomotor and game skills.  Physical conditioning is also part of the curriculum to prepare students for the NAPFA test. Information on health and weight management will be shared with students who fall within the overweight or underweight category. All medically-fit students are required to take the NAPFA test.

Co-Curricular Activities
In line with our mission to develop students holistically, all students are to take part in at least one Co-Curricular Activity. The college also wishes to enhance students’ leadership qualities through CCA. Students’ involvement in CCA is crucial to character development.

Although no CCA grades will be awarded, students with good CCA achievement and contributions are considered favourably for university admission and scholarships award.

The college offers the following categories of CCA:

1.       Sports And Games;
2.       Aesthetics; and
3.       Clubs and Societies.

Woo Siew LengTonny Lim Wei ShingJoel LooAudrey Cheang.jpg
Woo Siew Leng 
Tonny Lim Wei Shing 
Subject Head (Life-skills)
Joel Loo 
Subject Head (Sports)
Audrey Cheang Poh Geok 
Lead Teacher (PE)
Tang Ching YunGurmit SinghLee Ping Ping PetrineGeoffrey Swee Dao Yang
Tang Ching Yun Gurmit Singh Lee Ping Ping PetrineGeoffrey Swee Dao Yang
Charlene KuaKellie-Kok-Yu-Feng-(Ms).jpg 
 Charlene Kuah Kellie Kok Yu Feng