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Student Affairs and Management Department

The Student Affairs and Management Department handles everything that concerns students so that students can be well-balanced individuals in a changing world.

Its programmes include:
  • Counselling
  • Career guidance
  • Foreign students’ welfare
  • Scholarship and Bursary Application
  • Pastoral Care Programme

The college is aware of the many problems that students may face as adolescents as they respond to adult demands, group pressure, new environments and new study habits. To take care of this need, we have made available teacher-counsellors who are trained to help students cope with the pressure of college life. There is also an online counselling service provided.

Career Guidance Programme
College life does not consist of mere preparation for the G.C.E. ‘A’ Level examination. There is also the emphasis on educating students and preparing them for the wider aspects of life. The Career Guidance programme aims to prepare students for the job market and the working world. People with professional expertise are invited to give talks and conduct seminars for students. These serve to inform students about the necessary qualifications needed for various careers and to teach them how to match personality to career as well as handling job interviews.

Foreign Students’ Welfare Committee
Like many other institutions in Singapore, we accept a small number of foreign students into our college each year. There is a committee to look into their basic needs such as student passes and housing. The committee also provides the necessary socio-emotional support to help students cope with their stay in Singapore.

Life Skills Programme
The college recognises the importance of imparting relevant life skills which are deemed necessary for successful living. These skills aim to help students cope with the stresses and challenges of daily life as well as to help them make responsible and sound decisions. We also hope that these life skills can be relevant and useful to students even after their junior college education.

The college focuses on six areas of life skills. They include:
  1. Lifeskills One: Self-Awareness
  2. Lifeskills Two: Self-Management (Physical and mental well-being)
  3. Lifeskills Three: Social and Global Awareness (Social awareness, civic literacy, global awareness, cross cultural skills)
  4. Lifeskills Four: Decision-making (Research, decision-making and problem-solving skills)
  5. Lifeskills Five: Critical Thinking and Inventive Thinking
  6. Lifeskills Six: Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Our Lifeskills Framework adopts a holistic and comprehensive approach, which served as the guiding principle to help students develop the fundamental skills for life effectiveness. In NYJC, students will learn to effectively manage themselves, their relationships with others and varied life situations. Students are encouraged to do self-reflection and discuss areas for improvements during conferences with their tutors using the Managing Self Development Tool.

Student Affairs and Management Committee

Judy-Tan-Che_SAM.jpg Sim Yong Meng.jpg PE_Tonny.jpg Celine Leow Kiat Peng.jpg
Tan Lau Li San Judy 
(Student Affairs & Management) 
Sim Yong Meng  
Subject Head (Student Management)  
Tonny Lim Wei Shing  
Subject Head  
Celine Leow Kiat Peng
Subject Head (Career Education)
Sci_Sharon.jpg Chua Bee-Lian Valerie.jpg GO_Mdm-Harbindar.jpg
   Tey Li Wei Sharon 
 Level Head (Physics)
 Chua Bee-Lian Valerie
Level Head (Econs)
 Harbinder Kaur 
(Allied Educator, Counselling)

Counselling Services

Students seeking a listening ear may turn to our School Counsellor, Mdm Harbinder Kaur, or Mrs Judy Tan, HOD Student Affairs and Management.

Our Counsellors
Mdm Harbinder Kaur
School Counsellor
Mdm Harbinder is passionate about helping students succeed in articulating and reaching their goals in life. She believes that only when we love ourselves can we then function to the best of our abilities.
Mrs Judy Tan
Teacher Counsellor
HOD (Student Affairs & Management)
Mrs Judy Tan teaches Chemistry, and she is always interested in finding out how Chemistry works in our daily lives. To relax, she likes to collect recipes to try out. She also loves reading, and reads anything from biographies and historical events to mystery stories.

The school counsellor may be found in her office, located in the Media-Resource Library; or you may contact her at 6-380-5174. She would be available from 9am to 3pm, but should you require an earlier or later appointment, it can be arranged. You may choose to speak with our counsellors face-to-face or through e-mail. 

Contrary to popular belief, counselling is not only for individuals with severe mental or emotional problems. In fact, most of the students seeking counselling are able to cope in most areas of their life, except for the one or two difficult areas they might need help with, such as managing time better, dealing with test anxiety, working at struggles with communication or assertiveness, managing anger and relationships better. Counselling offers you an opportunity to explore the issue and to find strategies to help you cope better so that you may achieve your goals in life. 

The things that you tell your counsellor are subject to a strict code of confidentiality, and your counsellor will not reveal these to anyone without your permission. There are, however, a few limits to confidentiality, such as when the counsellor finds that your life is in danger. 

There are times when you might need to seek help from a 24-hour hotline. These are some hotline numbers you may call.

Crisis Hotlines Contact Info / Time Who Is It For
Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) 1800 221 4444 (24 hrs) For anyone facing a crisis or suicidal
(TOUCH youth services)
1800 377 2252
10 am - 10 pm (Mon - Sat)
For teens aged 12-20 years who have problems and need someone to talk to
Befrienders of Youth 
6265 4440
9am - 5pm (Mon - Fri) 
For youths with any problems and need someone to talk to 
Audible Hearts  https://audiblehearts.yah.sg An anonymous online peer support network for youth by youth 
 Services Agencies Contact Info / Time  Who Is It For 
Child Guidance Clinic 6389 2000 / 6389 2222 (24 hrs)  For any child or youth with serious emotional and behavioural problems, e.g suicidal or psychotic problems 
Ministry of Community Development & Sports, Family
Support Division 
 1800 258 5463 For families seeking help with resolving difficult family issues 
Family Services Centres Hotline  1800 838 0100  For families seeking counselling