NTU Nanyang Research Programme (NRP)

The NTU Nanyang Research Programme (NRP) can be offered as an enrichment or H3 module.


  • Open to all JC1 students with strong foundation in mathematics, science and technology.

Shortlisting criteria:

  • Evidence of research interest in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, life sciences, information technology or engineering

Details of the programme can be found at the following links. You are advised to read through all the materials before applying for the programme.

Application Period

5 to 25 February 2021

With effect from NRP 2019, all NRP applicants will be asked to indicate only ONE project choice.  You are required to research into the project topics that pique your interest before making your choice and putting in your application.

Applicants will have to provide a write-up articulating their reason(s) for wanting to work on the chosen project and why they feel they are best-suited to work on it.

Online Registration Period

5 – 25 Feb 2021

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