Our Strategy

Let's call a Spade a Spade
We at NYJC believe that students come to us because they want to get to a university of their choice. We take our core business of Teaching and Learning (T & L) very seriously. We commit to being a learning community where engaged practitioners inspire passionate inquirers through effective, relevant and value-centric teaching and learning.

Passion drives and Happiness matters
It is important to us that our students and staff enjoy what they do in the college. Schools cannot be just about assignments and examinations. We believe that holistic education is the key to well-developed individuals who will be able to take on the challenges of the future and excel in a dynamic environment. We allow our students to take ownership of their learning and development, evident in the more than 150 subject combinations and the myriad of co-curricular activities. We have also designed a unique Managing Self Leading Others (MSLO) framework to enhance the capabilities and capacities of our students in the areas of character and leadership development.

Our Mission, Shared Vision and Values

College Motto

Together We Build

College Mission

Uphold Values
Our students must be men and women of integrity where values serve as moral compasses for decision making.

Enhance Life Skills
Our students must be confident and gracious citizens, equipped to seize opportunities and overcome life’s challenges.

Maximise Potential
Our students must be adaptable and well-rounded future leaders, who would serve Singapore and the public good.

Our Shared Vision

A leading college serving the nation with:

  • Quality Learners
  • Enhanced Character Development
  • Quality Staff
  • Organisational Excellence

Our College Values

  • Drive - Being resolute, motivated and passionate in doing things well
  • Responsibility - Taking ownership for the betterment of self, College and community
  • Integrity - Being honest, upright and courageous in doing what is right
  • Inventiveness - Being innovative and resourceful in making positive changes
  • Empathy - Being compassionate and sensitive to others, and helping others to the best of one’s ability.


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