Our Campus

NYJC promises an environment conducive to both work and play. Besides an award-winning school building that allows natural light and good breeze, the college management spares no effort at upgrading and enhancing its current campus.

Our Campus-1

Staying fresh and current

Our hope for our students is that they would not only excel in their studies but also be a confident and articulate role model to their peers. To support this desired outcome, the college constantly works on enhancing its Teaching and Learning structure.

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Bright airy study area 1

The Drum (our library) was revamped in 2012 to meet new demands of our students. A review of our library selection saw a fresh collection as well as a new arrangement of the books. We also managed to create more independent study spaces in the library. The cosy corner is also enhanced for students who just want a place to relax.

The college replaced all the classroom desks and chairs with spanking new ones in 2013. There are also many self-study units around the college to facilitate group discussions, consultation sessions with tutors and self study.

The large TV screens put up at appropriate locations in the campus allow our students to be updated with issues and events – both local and global.

A number of Big S Fans were installed at the study area along the Eblouissant, the canteen, as well as the hall, to ensure that the college is always cooling and well ventilated regardless of the weather.

Big S fans canteen
Big S fans eblouissant

To facilitate indoor activities for large groups, the canteen was equipped with projector, projection screen and audio system in Dec 2014 and in Feb 2015, the open area on level 3 just outside the staff room was converted to another sheltered event venue – the Concourse.

In 2018, the college re-allocated the toilets in the campus to better support the male-female population. Refurbishment of the toilets also started in the same year.

Play is important

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We definitely do not want NYJCians to be dull. We recognize that some of the best learning takes place during play.

With our very own high elements structure built in 2013, the college is able to run confidence courses, leadership training and physical challenges right in the heart of our very own campus.

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Our Campus-5
High elements 1
Our Campus-7

2013 saw the college upgrading a number of sports facilities: basketball courts, tennis courts, physical fitness stations, the gym and a floorball-cum-street soccer court. Students are spoilt for choice when itching for a game with friends. In 2015, we enhanced our gym with new equipment.

Our Campus-8

Upgraded Physical Fitness Stations

Our Campus-9

Upgraded tennis courts

Our Campus-14
newly furbished basketball court 1

Upgraded Basketball Courts

NYJCians can challenge each other at Dance Central at our X-box Kinect corner, score a goal at Foosball, or relive their childhood at not just 1, but 3 swings in our campus. But if food is what bonds, then they can book the BBQ pit and have class gatherings here in NYJC. With NEX and J8 both just an MRT stop away, it would be easy to put together a BBQ when students feel like it.

Students can look forward to sweating it out at the sheltered basketball courts in 2021.

Safety is key

NYJC places emphasis on creating and maintaining a safe, secure and effective working and learning environment. Besides round the clock security provided by our security guards, the college had also installed 56 new digital security cameras in 2013. The relocation of guard post and vehicle barriers in the same year was also a move to enhance the existing security measures.

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 saw the college installing the facial recognition and temperature-taking system to make the management of attendance and adherence to safe management measures more efficient.

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