2022 JC2 Graduation Ceremony

With the relaxation of safe management measures, the college resumed the tradition of holding the J2 Graduation Ceremony with all the graduands in the hall, with a palpable sense of unity. The Guest of Honour, Mr Abu Ubaidah bin Ilyas (Class of 2015), spoke movingly about how he conquered the difficulties he faced as a kidney patient and his life-changing decision to major in Social Work. His speech prompted students to reflect upon the unpredictability of life and the value of resilience. Ms. Eunice Sim, as the Teacher Representative, exhorted students to focus on the process, rather than the results, enabling them to have control and autonomy over their lives. Goh Yi Xian (CT 2116), as the Student Representative, urged his peers to be grateful and mindful of what they have in life; the value of gratitude was highlighted. The ceremony reached its climax with Civic Tutors pinning students’ collars with the inaugural Graduation Pin to symbolise the culmination of their journey. Thereafter, with the formal part of the ceremony over, students were treated to a sumptuous lunch reception. They viewed well-wishes penned by their families and posed with their friends at various photo stations, with their joyous laughter echoing throughout the campus. The college wishes all the graduands the very best in their future endeavours!

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