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Our Heritage

A Strong Foundation for Greater Success
Nanyang Junior College (NYJC) was founded in 1977 at its location in Serangoon Ave 3 and was among the first junior colleges to be established in Singapore.

As NYJC’s campus was built on a small hill, fog often covered part of the college in the 1980s and 1990s. NYJC was thus known affectionately as “白云岗” (literally meaning “White Cloud Hill”, for the fog that covered it).

‘Nanyang’ is hanyu pinyin for the Chinese characters “南洋(translated as “South Sea”). This was used by the mainland Chinese people to refer to the region encompassed by Singapore, Malaysia and the Southeast Asian region. The name is a reflection of the origins of Singapore having been built by immigrants predominantly from China, India, Malaysia and other parts of the world.

The college crest is a red shield with a blue base, the red and blue being separated by a row of four crescents in yellow. Superimposed on this is a white lion’s head. The red of the shield symbolises unity in strength; the blue represents the southern sea; and the lion’s head stands for Singapore. The four crescents signify the multi-racial nature as well as the growth of the college in tandem with the nation.

The focus on attaining growth and success based on collaboration and hard work is most obvious in the college’s motto of “Together We Build” (共同建设).

Our College Song

The original college song was composed by M.Cheng, Leow Wee Seong (lyrics) and L.Fang (Melody). The English version is sung during assemblies and college functions. 

In 2006, the school management committee decided that the college song was in need of a rearrangement to keep it fresh and interesting. In January 2007, the college’s Symphonic Band retuned the school song that is played every Wednesday.

School Song

Our College Pledge

The college pledge was introduced in 2007 as part of the 30th anniverary celebrations.

The Nanyang Pledge (2007)
We, the students of Nanyang Junior College,
Pledge to be men and women of integrity;
Showing empathy and concern,
We will be compassionate towards others;
Meeting challenge with resilience,
We will be proactive and resourceful;
Working together,
We will build a better future for our college and our community.

Our Uniform

Many would remember the reddish brown and black shoes worn by the early batches of NYJCians. The former uniform was completely phased out in 2008, giving way to the current beige ensemble.

College Tee

In 2011, the college launched the official NYJC polo shirt. The shirt came in two colours – white and navy, and it very quickly became the more popular uniform option with many students owning these polo t-shirts. In 2013, the college added two more colours – light blue and red.