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General Paper

General Paper is an H1 subject and is compulsory for all students. The department prepares students for two papers: Paper 1 which requires students to write an essay from a wide selection of questions and Paper 2 which is a test of students’ comprehension of given passages. The papers are taken consecutively and each paper lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

General Paper is not a mere continuation of the English Language paper students sat for at the GCE ‘O’ level. Also, it is not a mere test of general knowledge. It aims to help students understand the world by developing in them a critical mind and sensitivity towards change and continuity in the human experience. It is therefore not confined to a textbook. The course is designed to acquaint students with significant issues in the political and social realms, scientific progress and its effects on human life, and the arts and their relevance.
For more detailed information about General Paper 8807 (last year of examination in 2023), please visit here.
For detailed information about General Paper 8881 (first year of examination in 2024), please visit here.
Mdm Robyn Wong
Wong Su Cheng Robyn
HOD (English)
Mrs Cynthia Tan
Cynthia Tan
HOD (Corporate Comm)
Ms Belinda Loh
Loh Mei Lin
Level Head (GP)
Ms Elizabeth Sum
Elizabeth Sum
Level Head (GP)
Mr Clement Ducro
Ducro Clement Chandran
Senior Teacher (GP)
Mdm Ainon Bte Mohamed Osman

Ainon Bte Mohamed Osman

Ms Andrea Leng

Andrea Leng Foong Lan

Mrs Lucy Boo
Boo Foo Yong Lucy
Mr Chow Zhi Wei

Chow Zhi Wei

Ms Elizabeth Ow

Elizabeth Ow Sue Hsien

Ms Gladys Louisa Fernandez
Gladys Lousia Fernandez
Mr Ho Wen Rui

Ho Wen Rui

Mr Jason Leong

 Jason Leong

Ms Elaine Lai

Lai Yiling Elaine

Ms Oon Su Ping

Oon Su Ping

Mr Seah Min Yuen

Seah Min Yuen

Mr Gary Seng

Seng Boon Tat Gary

Ms Shahida Hamed

Shahida Bee Bte Sahul Hamed

Mrs Sheila George

Sheila George

Mrs Tan Siew Lian

Tan Siew Lian

Ms Wendy Ang

Wendy Ang Lin Min

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