Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department is in charge of the following subjects:

H1 Mathematics 8865

Students without O-Level Additional Mathematics can consider this subject because it offers an opportunity for them to learn important mathematical concepts and skills in algebra and calculus that are taught in Additional Mathematics. Students will also learn basic statistical methods that are necessary for studies in business and social sciences.

H2 Mathematics 9758 

This subject prepares students for a range of university courses, including mathematics, sciences, engineering and related courses, where a good foundation in mathematics is required. It develops mathematical thinking and reasoning skills that are essential for further learning of mathematics. This subject assumes the knowledge of O-Level Additional Mathematics.


H2 Further Mathematics 9649 

This subject must be taken together with H2 Mathematics.


H3 Mathematics 9820 

This subject must be taken together with H2 Mathematics and is only offered in the second year to students who have performed outstandingly well in H2 Mathematics.


H2 Computing 9569  

It is strongly recommended that this subject be taken with H2 Mathematics.

Mathematics Department Members

Mrs Lim Choy Fung

Lim Choy Fung
HOD (Maths)

Mr Adrian Tan Jin Wui

Tan Jin Wui Adrian
HOD (Systems & Information Management)

Ms Siow Yun Jie

Siow Yun Jie
Level Head (Maths)

Mrs Wong Lai Yong

Wong Lai Yong
Level Head (Maths)

Mr Wong Look Kwang

Wong Look Kwang
Subject Head (ICT)

Mr Leong Chong Ming

 Leong Chong Ming
Senior Teacher (Maths)

Mr Chen Jianda, Alvin_

Chen Jianda Alvin


Frederick Chua Kong Seng

Mr Goh Ching Liang

Goh Ching Liang

Ms Irene Teo

Irene Teo

Mr Lim Chang Yi

Lim Chang Yi

Ms Lim Hui Ling

Lim Hui Ling

Mr Loke Weng Heng

Loke Weng Heng

Mrs Rosaline Tan-Chang

Rosaline Tan Chang Kim Yong

Ms Seah Xin Yi

Seah Xin Yi

Mr Tam Choon Chor

 Tam Choon Chor

Ms Teng Yen Ping

Teng Yen Ping

Mr Toh Horng Lee

Toh Horng Lee

Mr Ng Jun Siang

Ng Jun Siang

Mr V Surya

V Surya

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