Corporate Communications Department

Communication is key to building successful relationship.  The college’s emphasis on establishing strong, trusting positive relationship through effective communication is seen in the introduction of a Corporate Communications and Partnership Department in 2014.

The department oversees the different communication plans, to ensure a clear consistent message to the public on who we are, what we do, and what we believe in. Areas of work pertaining to Corporate Communications include the management and evaluation of media relations, branding and publicity, social media platforms, and the website.

The college’s partnership efforts are also coordinated by the department. We work hand in hand with the Parent Advisory Committee, Alumni and community partners to plan and facilitate programmes to support the holistic development of NYJCians.

Corporate Communications and Partnership Department Members

Mrs Cynthia Tan
Cynthia Tan
HOD (Corporate Comm)
Ms Amy Chiew
Chiew Kek Huang Amy
HOD (Project Work)
Mdm Robyn Wong
Wong Su Cheng Robyn
HOD (English)
Ms Tang Ching Yun

Tang Ching Yun
Subject Head

Mr Bernard Wong
Wong Kyan Chung Bernard
Subject Head (Project Work)
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