Training and Development

Teaching and Learning Matters

Teaching and Learning is serious business in NYJC. The sessions we hold to elicit feedback from our students, coupled with the regular reviewing and updating of materials based on our awareness of trends, ensure that our teaching practitioners are always on top of their game. This can only spell good news for you, the student.

The NYJC Senior Teachers (NYST) play a significant role in providing professional development opportunities and encouraging teachers to keep abreast with trends and developments in education. In 2013, the NYST started a blog to share interesting articles related to education. They also set up a Facebook page to give quick summary and updates of new articles that are posted to the blog.

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EAS Training and Learning Journey

Review, Rethink, Reinvent.

Every year, the college steering committee and the different departments would dedicate their time at their respective retreats to examine their curriculum and programmes, consider ways to enhance current practices and explore new possibilities to complement current success and break new grounds.
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