Financial Assistance Scheme

The Ministry of Education (MOE) provides financial assistance to needy Singaporean students from Government and Government-Aided Schools. For more information on the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS), please click here.

MOE also invites students to apply for the Edusave Merit Bursary (EMB) if they have done well in their studies and their household income meets the criteria set by the MOE. Please click here for more information on the MOE website.

Help is also available for students who are not eligible for the MOE FAS or EMB. Students who need financial assistance can approach their Civics Tutors, CCA teachers, or the General Office staff for advice.

Financial assistance, bursaries and awards are made available to help lessen the financial burden for students-in-need. We hope that these will enable students to focus on learning and, in future, contribute back to the community who nurtured them.

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