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Chinese Orchestra

Inaugurated in 1978, the NYJC CO seeks to provide a platform for young and interested musicians to learn and share their passion for traditional oriental music. While the orchestra focused only on the traditional Chinese music pieces in the early days, it has, in recent years, developed and embraced the beauty of music pieces of various genres hence expanding the musical repertoire of our Chinese Orchestra.


Students from different secondary schools and background meet in NYJC CO to enjoy the unique and distinct range of traditional Chinese Orchestral music, as well as Western Orchestral pieces. Other than working on the techniques during weekly sectionals, the combine group practices help to build teamwork and cooperation, bonding the members together as one orchestra. Under the guidance of renowned conductor Ding Xiao Yan, and her instructors, NYJC CO clinched the Gold with Honours Award in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging 2009 and 2011. Since 2013, NYJC CO has been awarded the Certificate of Distinction in the biennale SYF Arts Presentations.


NYJC CO provides numerous opportunities for young men and women to showcase their talent. Other than performing in the biennale concert with Guzheng Ensemble at the Singapore Conference Hall, the orchestra is often invited to perform for various grassroots functions. There are also opportunities for the members to interact with their counterparts from overseas through the Music and Cultural Exchange trips to Hong Kong and Taiwan. 


NYJC CO aspires to cultivate a passion for Chinese Orchestral music and prove to the community that it is something that all can enjoy.