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English Drama Club

A full theatre experience awaits members of the English Drama Club. Since the early ‘00s, our members have decided the format of our annual Drama Night production – from short play festivals, to double-bills, and even full length self-written musicals.

Our Instructors have always been selected not only based on their experience in developing youth theatre, but also on their professional experience performing in local theatre productions. As such, they offer a direct line into the local theatre community for students wishing to explore theatre arts at a deeper commitment level.

Regardless, our members need no prior experience in theatre. All receive training in the different aspects of stagecraft, opting to specialise in onstage performance, backstage management, or technical support. There is no single ‘talent’ required in theatre production. The Club welcomes anyone as everyone has something to contribute, even behind the scenes: designing and building props, sourcing materials and costumes, executing publicity campaigns and a myriad of other activities that combine to create the magic that is theatre,

In 2015, the Club achieved a Certificate of Distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation for Drama. The Club also contributed an item in the annual Peer Pleasure youth theatre festival in 2015, and some of our members have trained under the Peer Pleasure Production Mentorship Programme since 2015, apprenticed to  a professional production crew for the duration of the festival. 

Weekly training is scheduled every Wednesday from 1500-1800 hrs in Room 5-65. (Expect rehearsal frequency to increase as production date approaches).