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Gym Club

The gym club is relatively new, having been formed in 2013, with the participation of 12 students in its initial phase. Being one of the newest CCAs, the club is looking for innovative and fresh approaches to both gym management and the promotion of fitness, and welcomes the input of student members. The club currently focuses on three aspects of student development:

1) The fitness aspect. The club promotes the fitness of club members by functioning as a platform for the sharing of ideas, tips, and strategies on fitness and nutrition. The club serve as a source of mutual support, to encourage members to train together as they improve their fitness through their respective training regimes. The club members also conduct workouts for the student population so as to promote healthy living in NYJC.

2) The educational aspect. Club members will benefit from courses on topics such as how to optimise their training regimen, improve nutrition, and prevent injuries. Moreover, the club itself will also be involved in educational outreach activities, helping to educate fellow students about fitness and nutrition, as well as providing bite-sized health and safety tips on using the gym through various school media.

3) The managerial aspect. Members of the club will provide a form of public service to the student body at large, by taking turns to fill the role of gym manager for several hours each day on weekdays. Members will receive training on safety and managerial strategies, and will help ensure that the gym is being used safely by their fellow students, while also functioning as a guiding figure that gym-users can turn to for advice or help.

The gym club will meet with its teachers-in-charge once a week to discuss managerial issues and share resources, and individual club members will be expected to put in a few hours each week as gym managers.