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Malay Cultural Society

Nanyang Junior College Malay Cultural Society(MCS) provides a platform for its members to showcase their talents and skills in the performing arts. The main objective is to provide opportunity for members to develop their leadership and organisation skills through the organisation of ‘Gema Puisi Artistik’ (GPA), a well-established annual creative drama competition for secondary schools. GPA is a creative drama competition that requires the incorporation of 3 main important elements in a drama. The elements of poetry, theatre and songs must be fullfilled by the participants in their design of their performance that should be based on the given theme for the year. Throughout its 13 years, GPA had never failed to garner numerous participation and support from many secondary schools around Singapore and was featured in our local Malay newspaper, Berita Harian. Talented & creative young Malay students had their talents and creativity discovered and refined through this platform.

In addition, MCS members are also exposed to cultural camps, inter JC competitions, language & cultural workshops to better appreciate the Malay language and culture.

Weekly meetings are conducted every Wednesday, 3.00pm to 6pm.