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Nanyang Debaters and Orators (NYDO)

Ever since our formation in 2018, Nanyang Debaters and Orators (NYDO) has been steadfast in upholding our mission to enable NYJCians to think critically and communicate effectively. As such, NYDO strives to engage in discourse within the college, serving as a platform for students to voice their opinions. Our Recreational Wing thus works hard to organise exhibition debates, dialogue sessions and talks to bring forth important socio-political issues to the attention of NYJCians.  

Besides organising events within the college to engage our fellow NYJCians, our Competitive Wing also actively participates in friendly spars and competitions, such as Oldham Cup and MOE Intercollegiate Debate Competition (MIDC), YMCA Plain English Speaking Award (PESA), Singapore Model Cabinet (SMC) and Preparatory Model United Nations (PREPMUN) Conference. However, NYDO also believes that debating and public speaking should not only be open to those with experience. As such, we warmly welcome NYJCians of any skill level to join us on Team Infernus.

CCA sessions are held twice a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays where we endeavour to live up to our motto, ‘ARTE ET MARTE’, by honing our oratorical skills and logical reasoning.

With the guidance and support of our teachers-in-charge, Ms Ainon and Ms Chua, we hope to foster our team spirit and build a passion for debate, public speaking and MUN among our members.