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The Class Leaders Executive Committee, also known as CLExco, is made up of 12-14 class leaders, with a mission to organize college-wide events and initiatives with a class bonding focus. 
Such events include the Chinese New Year celebrations (where classes participate in a class 'lo-hei' session), Sports Carnival (inter-class games), and the Civics Tutorial Orientation(the senior class leaders help the newly formed J1 classes break the ice with their new classmates through games and activities).

CLExco also aims to empower the class leaders by organizing training sessions for them, and by engaging them termly to share and discuss ways of fostering stronger class bonds. These platforms are the Class Leaders Camp, the end-of-year Post-camp Class Leader trainings, and termly Class Leader General Meetings. 

To be chosen as a class leader first is a pre-requisite to be selected into the CLExco. CLExco members receive, over their leadership stint, multiple opportunities to hone their leadership skills in event management, facilitation as well as the design and execution of training sessions for their peers. A CLExco retreat is also organized for the CLExco members at the halfway point of their term, to engage in reflection of their leadership experiences, build stronger co-working relationships, and strategize for their remaining term.