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Nanyang S.Lab

Nanyang S.Lab is a Student Interest Group (SIG) in which the members get to play Mad Scientist and create Slime, hence the ‘S’ in S.Lab. A fun, safe activity (our processes are non-toxic), making mushy, gooey substances that squish and ooze in our hands is a great stress-reliever, taking our minds off upcoming tests and exams. Developing unique new variations of slime (such as changing colour and texture) also engages our creativity as we share our latest inventions with our friends and fellows in the group.

S.Lab takes place during common lunch periods so that anyone – even non-members – can learn to make their own slime, or concoct their own versions for themselves. If you are interested in making slime or finding a creative outlet to relax and unwind with your fellow students, Nanyang S.Lab is the SIG for you!