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Ever wondered how anyone could solve a Rubik's cube in one minute? Come over to NYCubers, and we'll show you how simple it actually is! NYCubers isn't just for puzzle enthusiasts (and unlike what our club name suggests, it's not exclusive to 'cubers' either). Anyone who wants to pick up a new hobby or learn a trick or two is welcomed. And it doesn't stop at Rubik's cubes! We also learn how to solve a variety of other cubes and puzzles.  For the convenience of our members, we are flexible with our meet-up dates.

NYCubers was formed two years ago by students who wanted to share their passion and enthusiasm for Rubik's cubes and its members had also taken part in the Singapore Rubik's Cube School Competition in 2015.

Learning how to solve cubes can be vexing at the beginning, but the sweet success of mastery that follows makes it well worth it. What's more, this activity improves one's cognitive and problem solving skills, making it a truly unique and useful hobby.