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Are you lacking a platform to perform piano pieces to an audience? Or are you extremely passionate about music despite having no experience? If the answer is yes, NYpianists may be the SIG for you!

NYpianists is a relatively new SIG established in 2018. We are a group of pianists who want to showcase our talents, as well as spread our love of music to others. As such, NYpianists is divided into 2 wings - the performing wing and the recreational wing. Our 2 main objectives are to hold an upcoming concert before the end of the year, and to teach the fundamentals of playing the piano to the members who are new to the instrument.

If you have no prior experience, fret not as NYpianists consist of many members who have attained grade 6 and above in piano examinations, and they are more than willing to guide you through! Our training schedules are extremely flexible as we allow members and their mentors / instructors to conduct personalised trainings on their own time, though we may meet once a month as an SIG to discuss about upcoming performances.