At Nanyang JC, building character in our students is our core. The many threads of our college’s initiatives are woven and integrated into a unique and holistic character development programme under the Managing Self, Leading Others framework.

The college brand, “Inspiring Excellence.” best sums up our concerted effort at nurturing students of outstanding character. We acknowledge the importance of character development in our students, as seen in our mission – Uphold Values, Enhance Lifeskills and Maximise Potential.

The caring culture has without doubt resulted in a college where all members share the responsibility of making possible our vision of nurturing thinking, resilient and compassionate leaders. Students are enriched via their participation in Overseas Service-Learning Expeditions, life skills programmes, whole-cohort leadership camps, Service-Learning Courses and Mentoring Courses. All these have resulted in NYJC achieving the Developmental Award for Character Development in 2008 and 2011.

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