Working with Individuals with Special Needs

Possible Areas of Collaboration
• Fund raising
• Raising Awareness Campaign
• Facilitators for Sports Day
• Experiential Activities for the Mentally challenged

Past Projects Ideas 
Nanyang JC students took part in the Transitions sponsored Dine in the Dark at SAVH (Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped). The objective of this sponsored community initiative by Transitions Optical is to highlight the plight of the visually impaired, what can be done to help them and at the same time instil in the young the importance of healthy sight/eye protection against UV rays especially among the young which many take for granted.  Our 36 students were served a set lunch by specially trained selected SAVH clients as waiters and kitchen helpers.  They were led into a dark room and were not able to rely on their sight but were fully invited to explore their other senses such as taste, touch and smell during this session. By inviting our students to participate in the ‘Dining in the Dark’ experience, SAVH and Transition Lenses hoped to raise awareness about the challenges that persons with vision impairment face in their daily activities.

Student Reflections 
According to Alvina Tan (0901)."Dining in the Dark" was a great and enriching experience for me. I have not only learnt ways to interact with the visually handicapped but also experienced a problematic part of their everyday living, which is having meals. I was truly shocked by how they are able to spend their lives in almost or absolute darkness, while I created so much mess in the course of eating a simple meal, in complete darkness in just almost over an hour. Fun should not be used to describe this as it is a real problem faced by many of the visually handicapped. It had also made me come to a realization that I should be a lot more considerate to them and that the community should make their lives easier by aiding them in every possible way without making them feel inferior to us.  I think we should create more awareness on how we can help the visually impaired out on the streets as many of us are ignorant about proper ways to aid them.”

Gena Tan (0937) states, “Dining without knowing what your food is or whom you were dining with sounds “downright strange”. At the specific moment when I was plunged into total darkness, I realized how much I truly enjoyed having my vision. Our sense of sight is something so precious and yet something we’ve always taken for granted. Within a mere short hour, I realized how dependent I am on my sense of sight. Not just for eating, but everything else too. I pondered and wondered how I would react if my world was suddenly plunged into pure darkness too. I truly admire the visually impaired that we met in SAVH for their courage and perseverance to overcome all adversities. To face their disability positively, learn to accept it and move on with life stronger. Their approach on life is truly one that we should look up upon to. In SAVH, I also learned how to help the blind through various talks and demonstrations. Many times in life, we take things around us for granted. Not only do we take our sense of sight for granted, we do so for everything else too. What if we lose the ability to talk one day or the ability to walk? Or listen? I came to the realization that we should always cherish and protect what we have been blessed with. The trip to SAVH has truly been an inspiring and enriching one.”
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