Dragonboat Team

Imagine. You. Dragonboat.

Imagine: the wind in your hair, water splashing against your face, as you row at speeds of up to 12km/h and beyond. This is Dragon boat Racing. Dragon boat is one of a family of traditional long boats found throughout Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands. It is now used in the team paddling sport of dragon boat racing. 

This CCA encompasses the values of teamwork and discipline, forging camaraderie between the members in the team. These team mates become your extended family throughout JC and very often, beyond that as well. Be it sorrow or joy, you will always find someone to share it with. You may come across trials during your journey but your team mates will be facing them with you.  Awards are the mere bonuses you get; the true treasures are the friends that you would make during your time in Dragon boat.

but we remember to play too

WE PLAY HARD but we know when to study too

WE STUDY HARD and we know you will be great if you join us today

So what are you waiting for?

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