26 Aug 2022

27 July 2022

Dear JC1 and JC2 Parents/Guardians,

Mid-Year Meet-the-Parents Session

The Mid-Year Meet-the-Parents Session will be taking place on Wednesday, 3 August 2022, between 8.30am and 3.30pm. The Civics Tutors will be teleconferencing with parents/guardians.

Parents/guardians of students who have been identified by their Civics Tutors will be given the priority for booking appointment slots. We will send an SMS to these parents by 29 July and they can book an appointment between 29 July, 12pm and 31 July, 12pm.

For other parents/guardians who may wish to speak with the Civics Tutors, the sign-up portal would be accessible from 1 August, 8.30am to 2 August, 2pm. We seek your understanding if there are no more slots available after the first round of registration. You may want to consider contacting your child’s/ward’s tutor via email to schedule a phone conversation on another day instead.

How to sign up:

Go to the following URL:

The login details are available in the letter sent through Parents Gateway (PG) and in hardcopy for parents who are not on PG.

If you would like to contact your child’s/ward’s Civics Tutor, the email addresses for the JC1 and JC2 Civic tutors are as follows:

JC1 CT List

CT Civics Tutor Email
2201 Miss Lai Yiling Elaine
2202 Ms Chong Qian Yee Debra
Mr Hairudin Bin Djorimi
2203 Mdm Elizabeth Ow Sue Hsien
2204 Mdm Chang Tyng Tyng
2205 Mr Chow Zhi Wei
2206 Ms Chen Wanlin
2207 Mr Seah Min Yuen
2208 Mdm Roy Sriparna
2209 Mrstan Siew Lian
2210 Ms Lim Meilin
2211 Miss Chow Shu Jun Michelle
Ms Farhana Bte Hajiah Najimudin
2212 Mdm Ainon Bte Mohd Osman
2213 Mr Chen Jianda Alvin
Mr Chan Guang Hui
2214 Mr Tan Yeong Sheng
Mdm Goh Hui Chua
2215 Mr Zhou Yefeng
Ms Tan Hui Min
2216 Mr Tan Wei Kiang Derek
Miss Leng Foong Lan Andrea
2217 Miss Lim Hui Ling
2218 Mdm Daphne Lim Bao Huan
2219 Mr Toh Horng Lee
2220 Mr Zhuo Guanjun
Miss Koh Sok Ling
2221 Ms Tan Yee Ying
2222 Mrs Lee-Yeong Mei Leng
2223 Ms Toh Su Min
Mdm How Foo Yong Lucy
2224 Mr Leong Teng Foong
Miss Fionn Ong Jia Xin
2225 Miss Kuah Li Ping Charlene
2226 Mr Tan Teck Siang Alvin
2227 Mr Frederick Chua Kong Seng
2228 Ms Seah Xinyi
2229 Miss Loo Hui Min
2230 Mr Lin Lunjie Terence

























JC2 CT List

CT Civics Tutor Email
2101 Toh Qianbing
Gladys Louisa Fernandez
2102 Chua Xiu Ling
2103 Oon Su Ping
Chang Kim Yong Rosaline
2104 Tan Chinn Yun
2105 Toh Choon Hiong
2106 Foo Seck Shin
2107 Lim Chang Yi
2108 Lin Jiansheng
2109 Lee Ping Ping Petrine
2110 Li Fuhua Joshua
2111 Sanah Akhtar
2112 Goh Ching Liang
2113 Shahida Bee Bte Sahul Hamed
2114 Soh Wei Kuan
Ma Yuexia
2115 Ho Wen Rui
2116 Ang Lin Min Wendy
2117 Yan Wai Ching
2118 Seng Boon Tat Gary
2119 Teng Yen Ping
2120 Tan Shuyun
2121 Siti Nursaba Binte Tarih
Low Shu'en Joanne
2122 Chin De Shun
2123 Loke Weng Heng
2124 Chua Hui Hsien Samantha
Katherine Moey Kit Li
2125 Irene Teo Kim Noi
2126 Lena Lui Wai Yi
Chan Bee Yan
2127 Lim Fu Kang
2128 Nurain Binte Mohd Saad
2129 Geoffrey Swee Dao-Yang
2130 Chan Cheng Lin
2131 Wendy Lee Wen Chieh

6 March 2022

8 February 2022

New! 'Parenting Resources' on Parents Gateway

Dear parents/guardians,

We are pleased to announce the new 'Parenting Resources' feature on Parents Gateway!

'Parenting Resources' is a repository of useful information, tips and advice to support parents in their parenting journey. The repository is in its Beta version now as we will continue to make it a better version for you!

We hope that you find 'Parenting Resources' useful. Do share your feedback with us on what resources and features you would like to see in the repository.

Access 'Parenting Resources' on the 'Services' tab via Parents Gateway now. Remember to update your App to access the latest features.

Share your feedback on the repository

Try Parenting Resources on Parents Gateway Now!

For enquiries on this post, please contact us.

11 October 2021

MOE: Updates to Precautionary Measures for Schools from 11 Oct 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In line with MOH’s updates to the national COVID-19 testing and isolation protocols, MOE will update the precautionary measures implemented in MKs, primary and secondary schools, and JCs/MI from 11 Oct.

  • Students in close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case will no longer be placed on Quarantine Order(QO); they will be issued a 7-day Health Risk Warning(HRW) by MOH.
  • MOE will no longer issue Leave of Absence(LOA) and Approved Absence(AA) to all students and staff.
  • Students currently under existing QO, LOA or AA can return to school for lessons if they are well and have a negative ART result on the day they go to school.
  • Primary schools will require close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases in school to undergo regular ART self-testing while waiting for the issuance of an HRW. We seek your understanding that schools will no longer call parents to inform you that your child is a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case and will use electronic means (e.g. Parents Gateway or email) instead.
  • See the Letter to Parents for details.

Updates to Arrangements for GCE-Level National Exams

  • Candidates on HRW or Medical Leave (MC) will be allowed to sit for the national exams, including Science Practical, under specific conditions and SMMs.
  • Inform your child’s school if your child has been placed on HRW or MC, and if your child plans to sit for the national exams.
  • See the Press Release for details.

MOE will continue to monitor the situation and implement measures to keep our school environment safe. We urge all students and parents to exercise social responsibility.

For enquiries, please contact MOE at

Other useful links:

  1. MOE FAQs: COVID-19 related matters

  1. To submit your child's ART result

  1. SEAB Website

27 September 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) have put in place arrangements for the coming national examinations for those who may be affected by COVID-19.

Special Consideration (SC)
We understand that parents and students may be concerned about the impact on their child if they miss the national examinations due to COVID-19 reasons. We would like to assure you that candidates who miss any national examination paper(s) with valid reasons can apply for SC. SC is not a new practice. All SC applications are assessed on each case's merit, and we will ensure that the grades awarded are as accurate and fair as possible. You can approach your child's school for assistance with regards to the SC application.

Candidates on Quarantine Order (QO) who want to take the national examinations
While SC will be applied to cases with valid reasons, there may be some candidates who are on QO but still wish to take the national examinations. For this group of candidates, the Ministry of Health has approved a set of procedures for them to apply for leave from QO so that they can sit for their national examinations. This is an additional option made available to all national examination candidates this year. If your child is issued a QO, please inform your child's school immediately so that the school can work with you to make the necessary arrangements.

Please see attachments for details on the arrangements and updates to the arrangements for candidates on Approved Absence. MOE and SEAB will monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and provide updates if there are further changes.

MOE FAQs: COVID-19 related matters

4 September 2021

29 August 2021

2021 Updated Arrangements for the Year-End GCE N(A), N(T), O-Level and A-Level Written Examinations

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) have updated the national examination arrangements to include the use of Antigen Rapid Tests and Polymerase Chain Reaction Tests for affected students on Leave of Absence (LOA) or Approved Absence. This will enable as many students as possible to sit for their papers while keeping students and staff safe.

Similar to 2020 arrangements, candidates who are tested positive for COVID-19, placed on Quarantine Order (QO) or Stay-Home Notice will not be allowed to sit for the examinations.

To minimise the risk of transmissions and reduce the number of students placed on QO or LOA, MOE will implement a study break for the following graduating cohorts:

  • GCE O-Level: 13 - 17 October
  • GCE N(A)/N(T)-Level: 4 - 12 September and 1 - 3 October
  • GCE A-Level: 3 - 7 November

During these periods, students are strongly encouraged to remain at home to revise for their examinations. Schools will remain open on weekdays for those who require additional support, including those whose home environments may not be conducive for learning.

Safe management measures (SMMs) will continue to be implemented in schools and examination venues, and during the study break to ensure the safe conduct of national examinations.

Please see the press release for more information on the updated arrangements. MOE and SEAB will monitor the situation and provide timely updates if there are further changes to this year's examination arrangements.

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