Role of Parents in ECG

Why is ECG important for children?

  • To harness children's passion to pursue academic and career aspirations that match their interest, abilities and values.
  • To help them make informed choices when they pursue their educational pathways or enter the workforce.
  • To help them explore their dreams, find suitable educational pathways and develop to become confident and motivated individuals who are ready for decisions and transitions in the 21st century.

How can my child benefit from ECG?

The Ministry of Education actively promotes Education and Career Guidance (ECG) in schools. ECG is a developmental process which helps your children

  • Become more aware of their strengths, interest and values
  • Make informed decisions when making education and career choices
  • Find relevance in the subjects they are studying, and hence
  • Be more motivated to work hard and do well in school.

What is my role as a parent in ECG?

You play place a crucial role to

  • Help your children discover their interest and strengths;
  • Guide them to make informed education and career choices that will impact their future significantly.

What can parents do?

Parents can help their children realise their dreams by:

Showing concern and support

It is important for your children to know how much you care about their future and your willingness to support them. It is necessary not to dictate or direct his/her education plan and tentative career preferences.


Introduce a variety of occupations to your children and help them discover more about the different occupations. A valuable resource is the MOE ECG portal, '' - Your child has a personal account. Encourage your child to complete the self-assessment tools (Personal Globe Inventory, PGI, and Work Skills Inventory, WSI) in the portal so as to gain a better understanding of his/her interests, abilities and future aspirations. A cautionary note is not to rely on your own past experience or knowledge as education policies may have changed and new pathways are created. It is important to stay updated.

Engaging in Discussions

Have casual conversations with your children about their aspirations. Keep an open mind and allow them the freedom to dream. You could use your child's results from the PGI and WSI self-assessments and discuss further education plans. At the tertiary level, there are a myriad of educational opportunities present. You can access our Higher Education webpage as a starting point of discussion.

Providing Opportunities

Providde opportunities (like workplace visits and volunteer work) and resources (such as books and enrichment programmes) that can support your children's aspirations and broaden their horizons.

Working with Schools

Discuss your children's education and career prospects with their teachers. They would be in a good position to offer education and career guidance as well.

Decision-making and Action-planning

Ask your child what he/she wants to achieve and set some goals. Help your child come up with a plan on how he/she intends to attain these goals. Review these goals periodically to keep your child motivated and on-track. Make adjustments along the way, with a flexible mindset for Plan B.

Useful links and resources

Additional information on ECG can be found on MOE’s website at: can also find out more about the various educational pathways for your child at

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