NY Writer's Circle

“Words creates worlds.”   
The Writer’s Circle is a SIG set up in 2017 with one overarching goal: to write. They support and promote literary expression in the many different forms – novels, plays, poetry, and even lyrics.
The SIG is a platform for like-minded individuals with the interest in creative writing to interact, collaborate and create together. They provide their members with an environment conducive to create writing where each writer paints his own world, a bubble holding rainbows. Members participate in writing competitions of varying tiers to allow them to share their original literary works and to motivate them to continue pursuing their passion. They also promote literary expression within the college through the organisation of college-based writing competitions.
The group holds fortnightly meetings every Monday A from 5.30pm to 7pm to share their ideas and get started on creating their works.
If you are looking to express yourself in a beautiful way, join Nanyang Writer’s Circle to meet and work with other aspiring writers just like you!
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